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Build Your Email List by 1000s Subscribers today for Free (Supa Simple Strategy)

In this video, we’ll teach you how to use cold email scraping to build your email list with thousands of new contacts. We’ll start by discussing the legalities of cold email and the difference between cold email and spam. It’s important to note that according to GDPR, email marketing is only legal when the recipient has given consent for their personal data to be processed for one or more purposes. We’ll also discuss legitimate interest and how it pertains to cold emailing. After covering the legalities, we’ll show you several approaches for acquiring emails through cold email scraping, including a free and quick method using the LinkedIn Sales Navigator. We’ll also demonstrate how to use paid tools like AtomPark Software and Finally, we’ll share some tips for crafting the perfect cold email, including subject lines, opening lines, and how to follow up. By the end of this video, you’ll be well-equipped to build your email list through cold email scraping and start growing your business.

Business Email Marketing

Maximize Your Email Marketing Automation with Gumroad Zapier and Mautic Integration

This post discusses the benefits of using Gumroad for email list building and how to integrate it with automation tools like Mautic and Zapier. The author recommends using Zapier to streamline processes and make life easier, and provides instructions on how to set up a connection between Gumroad and Maltek using Zapier. The post concludes with a recommendation to try Zapier, especially for those looking to automate their email marketing efforts.